Allison Moore

Virginia’s Comedienne.
Executive Producer and Host of
"The MooreLaughing in the Morning Show"
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Allison Moore is the perfect solution for your Conference, Event, Show or Commercial. Because she adds… MooreLaughing! (duh!)

Allison Moore is absolutely the up-and-coming comedian to watch out for! Affectionately known by her hometown as: Virginia’s Comedienne, audiences love her uniquely brilliant sense of humor, her incredible story telling skills, inspiring messages and her uncanny ability to joke about difficult issues just like the comedic greats we all know and love! Her popularity is growing fast because of her exceptional mainstream talent combined with her secret weapon… her act resonates with any audience AND it’s clean!

This season is all about recovering financially and we’ve got a Financial Literacy Comedy for you! #FunnyMoneyFamily is a comedic take on a family deciding to level up! Comedian Allison Moore takes on SIX hilarious sketch characters as they have a family meeting each week about finances. It’s our way of #OvercomingPoverty and you’re invited to join the journey! Stay accountable with a TTNY workbook.

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MooreLaughing in the Morning

Wake up and Laugh M,W,F at 8a on Sky4 TV
Facebook: @The MooreLaughingintheAM
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The MooreLaughing in the Morning Show’ hosted by: Virginia’s Comedienne: Allison Moore, is the best way to start the day! The MooreLaughing in the Morning Show is the perfect blend of Lifestyle, Motivation and Comedy!
Allison is hilarious, inspiring and real! Known as everybody’s ‘Hype Girl’ and the ‘Coolest Cornball you will ever meet’, she has created an upbeat and positive morning talk show filled with funny, entertaining and motivating segments that help us to glean, grow and go towards our goals and where we want to be: ‘This Time Next Year’.
Grab your coffee and we’ll see you there!

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Pat Prescott

“She is simply incredible and very very very funny!”

Pat Prescott

Morning Show Host 94.7 The Wave

Stand Up Comedy

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Booking: 757-746-7469

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Hampton comedian finds her corporate niche

Tara Bozick

Comedian and Hampton native Allison Moore warms up the crowd during a comedy night at The Messiah Center in Hampton on Aug. 16. Moore does stand-up for corporate events and has opened for comedian Sinbad. (Rob Ostermaier / Daily Press)

Comedians that Allison Has Worked With


Comedic Talk

Allison is affectionately known as “The Queen of Comeback”. Her super funny keynote messages are inspiring, empowering and tailored to fit the message of your event or organization. Allison’s most requested talks are centered around:

  • Burnout and/or Resiliency
  • Using Creativity in Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Women, Diversity and/or Minority Empowerment
  • Workplace Morale and Leadership

Comedic Hosting

Allison Moore is exciting to watch in action! She is skilled at the art of keeping a program moving smoothly (even if its chaos behind the scenes-which is mostly always is) and she her quick comedic chops makes it appear seamless for her to adjust to anything

unpredictable, entertaining the audience yet keeping the main focus of the event, the main focus of your event.

Stand-up Comedy

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Comedian Allison Moore is a clean stand-up comedian opening for legendary comedians like Sinbad. Allison’s stand-up routine and perspective is fresh and different. She’s smart and her comedy is laugh-out-loud-a lot-funny!


Allison’s naturally animated expressions and beautiful dark skin translates magically on screen. Consider Allison for your role and as a face for your marketing and commercials. Her humor sells every time!

Allison At Work

Podcast/Radio Host Allison Moore

Allison is currently the producer, writer and lead voice of the brand new hilarious podcast set to air Spring 2019: Family Meeting. Look for the app and join our family meeting! (Bring your popcorn, tissues and input because you know family meetings have their share of laughter, drama and love!)

Pat Prescott Morning Show Host 94.7 The Wave

Efram Graham Host CBN News/Studio 5

Actor Allison Moore

Allison was featured in the Girl Power Productions comedy film: Black Kids, White Mama. She is also seen as a background actress in the Emmy Award winning, Hulu original series: Handmaids Tale.

Writer/Producer Allison Moore

Additionally, Allison independently wrote, produced and starred in the 2018 YouTube original web series: Misdeal Comedy Series. Misdeal is an episodic show about a group of very different co-workers who share one commonality-their love for playing spades! Check out this insanely funny group of characters on YouTube and Facebook at: Misdeal Comedy Series.


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