‘This Time Next Year’ Accountability Workbooks


An Accountability Workbook for Go-Getters and Goal-Achievers. Create the life you want to live by ‘This Time Next Year’!

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It’s time to create the life that you want to live by ‘This Time Next Year’!
‘This Time Next Year’ is a 52-week Accountability Workbook that allows you to set one-years worth of goals for your life in the following Life Categories:
In addition to Goal-Setting, this ‘This Time Next Year’ Workbook provides accountability for real Go-getters and Goal-achievers. Our workbooks list 52-weeks worth of affirmation and guidance for you to track your progress towards your goals! Workbooks are interactive, functional, inspiring and structured! **WARNING: This is NOT a journal or cute notebook. This is a WORKBOOK for people committed to making and creating successful lives!
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